About Statistics Botswana

Statistics Botswana is the principal data collecting, processing and disseminating agency responsible for coordinating, monitoring and supervising the National Statistical System. It thus has the statutory mandate to produce and provide government, the private sector, parastatal organisations, international organisations, the civil society and the general public with statistical information for evidence based decision-making, policy formulation and planning as well as investment purposes. The statutory mandate also includes the responsibility of providing advisory and technical service to all users on statistical matters.

Our Mission

To improve decision-making and the formulation of policies and programs, by providing an efficient, reliable and timely statistical service to Government, the private sector and the public at large.


The Central Statistics Office aims to be a reputable authority, nationally and globally, in the provision of reliable, timely statistics and related statistical services.We will be an effective enabler of sound decision making, policy formulation, program evaluation and monitoring.

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